1. Mastering the Middlegame
  2. Best middlegame book?
  3. Chess Middlegame Planning - Peter Romanovsky
  4. Chess Middlegame Strategies Volume 1 and 2 by Ivan Sokolov

games—alar med me by its immensity. AS I pursued my study,. I saw very clearly that the middle game in chess is chess itself. Chess is neither the ending. Shortlisted for The Guardian Chess Book of the Year Award. Runner-up for the strategic play ap propriate to a wide range of middlegame pawn po sitions.”. ago meant the initial plan was for just one volume on Chess Middlegame. Strategies. However, the way my work and material built up and progressed, it soon be.

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Chess Middle Game Pdf

Shouldn't it be either HTRYC or The Middlegame by Euwe and Kramer? Please chime in. 1. Chessplanner: A middle game chess thought process. Blue Devil Knight. When learning chess you are taught how the pieces move, but rarely given good . Many of the classics of Soviet chess literature have struggled to see the light of day, but none more so than Soviet Middlegame Technique by Peter Romanovsky .

Tactics, tactics, tactics - So many games under the expert level are decided by a tactical slip. A strong knowledge of opening or endgame theory means nada if you walk into a combination midgame and get mated or lose a ton of material. Work on exercises to train yourself to look for tactcial opportunities in game. The exercises on apps like LiChess and Chess. Chess training pocket book by Lev Alburt is a handy reference too although this isn't entirely focused on tactics 2. Pick openings as white and black and focus on them.

According to Fine, a material advantage will usually not give a direct mating attack unless the advantage is very large a rook or more , rather it can be used as a means of gaining more material and a decisive endgame advantage.

To gain mobility is to ensure that the pieces have a wide scope of action and targets to focus on.

The concept is largely strategic in nature, and involves such concepts as space, pawn weaknesses since weak pawns can compel pieces to defensive duties, reducing their mobility , and securing outposts for the pieces. The strategy required for middlegame play varies considerably.

Mastering the Middlegame

Some middlegame positions feature centres featuring maneuvering behind the lines, while other middlegames are wide open, where both players attempt to gain the initiative. Dan Heisman noted three features which can seriously alter the way the middlegame is played.

Material considerations are often secondary to pursuing the attack, and it can even be advantageous to lose pawns in front of the enemy king in order to open up lines for the rooks and queen. Second, positions where the pawn structure is static and locked, can also feature mutual attacks, since players often elect to play on the side where they have more space playing on the side of the board in which their pawns are pointing.

Time is often less of a concern in such middlegames, allowing lengthy maneuvers. Players attempt to strengthen their positions and weaken their opponent's. Lots to learn! Each chapter defines the structures, explains the typical characteristics and shows the plans for both White and Black. The reader participates by assessing positions and invariably receives useful tips for practical play. Move by Move by Thomas Engqvist "Engqvist gives us a rare treat and a genuine, sympathetic understanding of one of chess' greats who nowadays tends to gets lost in the shuffle!

Best middlegame book?

I would think that the Peter Romanovsky Middlegame Books on Middlegame Planning and Middlegame Combinations that are now combined into one book called Soviet Middlegame Technique are worthy of being considered for this list. Check this great list: Personally, I would recommend the Pachman book or books first, but Soltis provides middle game knowledge that is indispensable for improvement.

A Grandmaster Guide". Flores covers some of the same structures as Soltis and some additional ones, and his book lays out the plans in a more clear and organized manner.

Chess Middlegame Planning - Peter Romanovsky

Soltis and Flores are both exceptionally helpful for club level players. Chess structures: How to Reassess Your Chess. Instead, you might think of Chess Structures as positional chess 'finishing school.

There are lots of good books. When I coached a very successful high school team in the '90's and '00's, I gave each of my players a copy of Silman's How to Reassess Your Chess , when it was the concise and manageable page 1st Edition. I bought the 4th Ed.

Chess Middlegame Strategies Volume 1 and 2 by Ivan Sokolov

I also photocopied for them the 2nd chapter of Keres' and Kotov's The Art of the Middlegame , which is titled, Strategy and Tactics of Attacks on the King, possibly the 50 best pages of chess instruction ever written, as well as the 6 pages of Part II, chapter 4, of Aaron Nimzowitsch's My System, "Overprotection and Weak Pawns" in which a game is used to demonstrate why you shouldn't leave pieces hanging or underprotected. Today there are many good books out there on the middlegame and they are generally about one of three things: Consequently, books on being aggressive and attacking are what I would have my players reading if I was still coaching, in addition to what I noted above and there are two I like a lot:.

Fred Wilson, Simple Attacking Plans — four straightforward principles demonstrated with 36 annotated games. There is no "best" middlegame book. But there are lots of good ones. Any book that deals primarily with positional concepts, pawn play, planning, strategy, etc.

The following chess book lists contain many good titles that deal with these topics My choices: Feb 20, 1. Please chime in.

Feb 20, 2. Lots of possibilities: Mar 17, 3. Mar 17, 4.

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