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    Pattinathar (Tamil: பட்டினத்தார், romanized: Paṭṭiṉattār) is a name identified with He was born in the port-town Kaveripoompattinam to a wealthy mercantile family, who . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Pattinathar Life History In Tamil PDF > -online-movies-no -download-Austin-Mahone-at-the-Kids-Choice-Awards-by--mov. pattinathar quotes pattinathar birth and death pattinathar in tamil pattinathar books pattinathar video songs free download pattinathar songs download.

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    Pattinathar Life History In Pdf Download

    For him and his chaste wife nyAnakalai, a child was born as the fruit of their discipline and devotion. As it was born by the Grace of the Lord taken abode in the. Pattinathar Poems in English - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Son was born, did warmly take me in her arms. Pattin Athar - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) shiva temples and attained jeeva samadhi Biography Pattinathar's real name.

    This devotee of wisdom and experience, has written many poems that educate the people of the perspectives that one would not have thought about or would have been reluctant to think about. Realize the Truth and live blissfully praising It. Understandable from the commercial importance of the city, there lived lots of businessmen prospering in local and international trade. The child grew over the mounts of wealth. When he was five years old, his father reached the Feet of the Lord praised by vEdic rites. The fruit of the married life is love and charity.

    The relatives who had only the status as their prime concern and not the love were unable to digest their highly wealthy relative wandering like a beggar in the streets. The house and the neighborhood caught fire and the relatives fell in his feet and pleaded for mercy.

    He stayed in that city till his mother died, on her request. He went to the north also saluting the Lord of the whole world. The people in the house mistook him as a thief and beat and tortured him.


    The neighbours realising he is a saint, intervened and set him free. From then on pattinaththAr made a pledge that unless somebody comes and gives the food, he won't go to anybody's doorstep asking for food. Some thieves who were pleased with their robbery in the palace, threw a pearl garland towards the deity on their way. That fell on the neck of pattinaththAr who was meditating.

    The kazumaram caught fire. The king realizing his potence and non-guiltiness pleaded for pardon and gave himself as the slave of the saint. Then pattinaththadikaL continued his to the northern abodes. On his return to thiruvidaimarudhUr he showed liberation to his disciple baththira giriyAr. Come ye all to sprinkle milk. Dames not permanent; children and hard-yearned Fame not permanent; pelf, place, relation None is permanent - except the feet of Kanchi Ekamban that stand permanently.

    Steals out and stays awake with her paramour, and Sneaks back home to sleep by him once more?

    Pattinathar Life History In Tamil PDF

    It is addressed in general to immoral women. Why did you Lord Ekamba let live those who by filling their bellies with six-fold tasty food would swell their stomachs like stacks of cotton, but would not lovingly feed the sanyasins? Pater how many how many fathers? Later how many how many partners?

    Kinder how many how many children? Ere this how many how many were my births?

    Utter fool I am, little do I know Yet in store how many, many more births? What can I do Lord of Kanchi, Ekamba? Lord Shiva rides on a bull. The nations in the direction of the raised horn were believed to prosper.

    After that he abdicated the throne, to his younger brother Vikramaditya , and became a religious mendicant. Later during the conversation pattinathar said that all women have 'dual mind' and it might be the true case even with Parameswari. King conveyed this news to rani Pingalah and she ordered Pattinathar to get punished and to sit in 'kalu maram' Tree, whose top portion would be sharpened like a pencil and whole tree is fully coated with oil, a person who is punished to sit in the top will be split into 2 pieces , they tried to kill pattinathar, but kalu maram started burning and nothing happened to Pattinathar, the king came to know this news and went directly to Pattinathar and asked him to get ready to die the next day, but Pattinathar replied, " I'm ready right now, to die".

    Pattinathar Poems in English

    The next day king came with tears in his eyes and released saint from jail because he actually noticed queen pingalah in love with horsemen that night, He threw away his empire, wealth, even full coat dress and dressed in a simple kovanam loin cloth , the king became a disciple of Pattinatthar and got mukthi salvation in Kalahasthi temple.

    In popular culture[ edit ] In , Saint Pattinathar film was released, starring C.

    Sundaramurthy Odhuvaar in the title role. In , a later day version came out with T.

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