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  2. Selling; Building Partnerships 9th 9E Stephen Castleberry – AceTxT
  3. Selling: Building Partnerships
  4. Selling: Building Partnerships

#PDF Info. Fixed Layout. Read Anywhere Info. Read Anywhere % Offline Selling: Building Partnerships 9th Edition by Castleberry, Stephen; Tanner, John . Chapter 1. Selling and Salespeople 2. Why Learn about Personal Selling? 4. Everyone Sells 5. Creating Value: The Role of Salespeople in a Business 6. Selling: Building Partnerships”, Ninth Edition: Stephen Castleberry, John Tanner, McGraw-Hill, , ISBN PDF please.

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Selling Building Partnerships 9th Edition Pdf

Ninth Edition. New York McGraw Hill, pages, , English, Book; Illustrated, 5. Selling: building partnerships / Barton A. Weitz, Stephen B. Castleberry. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Stephen Castleberry is Professor of Marketing and Selling: Building Partnerships 9th Edition, Kindle Edition. by Stephen. Selling: building partnerships. by Barton A Weitz; Stephen Bryon Castleberry; John F Tanner, Jr. Print book. English. 7th ed., intern. ed. Boston (Mass.).

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True False 8. Because salespeople's activities in the field cannot be closely monitored, their employers trust them to act in the company's best interests. True False 9. It is easy to develop a reimbursement policy that prevents salespeople from cheating and yet allows them the flexibility to cover their territory and entertain customers. True False When spending from their company's expense accounts, salespeople should act as though they are spending their own money.

A noncompete clause prevents employees from leaving the company until a specified amount of time has passed.

For salespeople who have switched jobs, disclosing confidential information about the former employer's business is improper. Harassment is not confined to requests for sexual favors in exchange for job considerations such as a raise or promotion. In order to carry a highly successful organic cleaning compound, Nature's Survival Store has to carry a much less successful line of laundry detergent made by the same company.

Traveler's Rest, a travel agency, agrees to download its insurance needs from the Nathan Dean Insurance Agency if the agency agrees to let Traveler's Rest handle the owners' travel plans.

A paper supply company agrees to give Harridan Industries a free case of paper towels for every dozen cases it downloads. A salesperson tells a contractor that its paint is mildew-resistant when it is not.

Three companies were selected as potential suppliers of computer equipment for an organization's headquarters.

After the negotiations began, representatives of two of the firms met and developed a scheme to eliminate the third company from the competition. This is an example of: Defamation B.

ISBN 13: 9780077861001

A tying contract C. A conspiracy D. Collusion When a perfume manufacturer establishes a minimum price below which a retailer may not sell its perfume, the manufacturer is engaged in: This special incentive is known as: Court decisions related to the Robinson-Patman Act define as a seller giving unjustified special prices, discounts, or services to some customers and not to others.

The Act requires written notification to customers regarding privacy policies. Robinson-Patman B. Gramm-Leach-Bliley C. Sarbanes-Oxley D. FOB notification E. Federal Do-Not-Call Registry Micah hoped this gift would remove some of the red tape that was slowing down the building process.

This type of gift is referred to as: Subordination C. Capitulation D. Indemnification E. Lubrication Ethical imperialism B. Cultural imperialism C. Ethical solidarity D. Cultural relativism E. Cultural solidarity Which of the following statements about U. Ethical ombudsmen C. Cultural solidarity Short Answer Questions How do salespeople engage in backdoor selling?

What impact does a salesperson's statement have when he or she acts as an agent? What is the difference between free on board FOB destination and free on board factory? What is business defamation? What is a tying agreement? What is reciprocity? Why did the Robinson-Patman Act become law? What are spiffs?

What is subordination? What is cultural relativism?

Essay Questions Discuss the importance of ethics in long-term relationships. What is deception?

Selling; Building Partnerships 9th 9E Stephen Castleberry – AceTxT

Jackson sells refrigeration units to hospitals, laboratories, and clinics. He really wants to make a sale to a group of hospitals all working under the Emory brand. He believes that if he gives the downloading agent for the hospitals a very unique and costly gift, he will be more than likely to get the order. What advice would you give him? What is sexual harassment? As a salesperson, how should Andrew deal with sexual harassment from customers?

Discuss a sale as defined by the UCC in relation to salespeople. What is an implied warranty and an expressed warranty? You have just filled up your car with gasoline.

Give an example of an expressed and an implied warranty that might have accompanied your download. What is the difference between a conspiracy and collusion? Distinguish between cultural relativism and ethical imperialism.

Easy 2. Easy 3.

Easy 4. Easy Easy 6. Easy 7.

Selling: Building Partnerships

Easy 8. Easy 9. Easy Multiple Choice Questions Level of Difficulty: Medium A fully-loaded sedan Level of Difficulty: Hard All of the above Level of Difficulty: Statutory Level of Difficulty: Food and Drug Administration Level of Difficulty: Tying agreement Level of Difficulty: Collusion Level of Difficulty: Lubrication Level of Difficulty: Cultural solidarity Level of Difficulty: Short Answer Questions Salespeople engage in backdoor selling when they ignore the downloading agent's policy, go around his or her back, and contact other people directly involved in the downloading decision.

A salesperson's statements and actions can legally bind his or her company and have significant financial impact. If the contract terms specify free on board FOB destination, the seller has title until the goods are received at the destination.

In this case any loss or damage incurred during transportation is the responsibility of the seller. The downloader assumes this responsibility and risk if contract terms call for FOB factory. Business defamation occurs when a salesperson makes unfair or untrue statements to customers about a competitor, its products, or its salespeople. These statements are illegal when they damage the competitor's reputation or the reputation of its salespeople.

In a tying agreement, a downloader is required to download one product in order to get another product. Reciprocity is a special relationship in which two companies agree to download products from each other. The Robinson-Patman Act became law because independent wholesalers and retailers wanted additional protection from the aggressive marketing tactics of large chain stores. Principally, the act forbids price discrimination in interstate commerce. Spiff stands for "special promotion incentive fund.

They are legal only if the reseller knows and approves of the incentive and it is offered to all the reseller's salespeople. Subordination involves paying larger sums of money to higher-ranking officials to get them to do something that is illegal or to ignore an illegal act.

Even in countries where bribery is common, subordination is considered unethical. Cultural relativism is the view that no culture's ethics are superior. Medium Essay Questions Ethical principles become increasingly important as firms move toward longer-term relationships. Many issues cannot be reduced to contractual terms. For example, a salesperson might make a concession for a downloader with a special problem, anticipating that the downloader will reciprocate on future orders.

Yet there is no legal obligation for the downloader to do so; this type of give-and-take is exactly why trust is such an important part of relationships. Because of the high levels of investment and uncertainty, the parties in these relationships cannot accurately assess the potential benefits—the size of the pie—accruing from strategic investments in the relationships or the contributions of each party in producing those benefits.

Thus, the parties in a longer-term relationship have to trust one another to divide the pie fairly. Deliberately presenting inaccurate information, or lying, to a customer is illegal.

Further, misleading customers by telling half-truths or withholding important information can also lead to legal consequences but is more often a matter of ethics. Some salespeople believe it is the customer's responsibility to uncover potential product problems.

These salespeople answer questions, perhaps incompletely, and don't offer information that might make a sale more difficult.

Selling: Building Partnerships

For example, a salesperson selling life insurance may fail to mention that the policy won't pay off under certain circumstances. Jackson should realize that any gift he gives should be given to foster a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship, not to obligate the agent to place an order. He should also make sure the agent views the gift as a symbol of respect with no strings attached. Gifts should never be given to influence a download. He needs to make sure that the gift does not violate the agent's or his company's policies.

The safest gifts are inexpensive items imprinted with the salesperson's company name or logo. Salespeople coordinate the activities within their firms to solve customer problems. Six sigma selling programs are designed to reduce and eliminate errors in the selling system.

To truly have effective impact on their organization, salespeople need to be skillful at disseminating the knowledge they have acquired from customers to other people in their companies. A firm's products move from the manufacturer to the final user through a series of institutions called a production network.

A missionary salesperson's job is to approach distributors and encourage them to sell the manufacturer's products. Joshua represents a large drug manufacturer and calls on physicians to explain the benefits to them of prescribing his firm's products for their patients. Joshua is a missionary salesperson.

Normally, missionary salespeople and local distributor salespeople for the same firm are intensively competitive with each other as each strives to take business away from the other. Selling to prospects requires different skills than does selling to existing customers. Selling capital goods to manufacturers is much easier than selling cookies to consumers.

Many sales jobs do not involve building long-term partnerships. Inside selling typically is more demanding than field selling because the former entails more intense interactions with customers. After almost a century of research, scholars have finally identified a definitive profile of the personality characteristics of the "perfect" salesperson.

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